Fine Print

You know how this goes, better safe than sorry.

All views and opinions expressed on The Region are those belonging to the individual authors. The Region (The Region Magazine) was created in March 2013. It was launched as a live web publication in May 2013.

We try our hardest to use our own photography, but we occasionally run out of fitting photos to use. Thus, unless otherwise noted*, we do not own a majority of the images posted on The Region.

Notations can be found at the bottom of articles, in image descriptions, titles, captions, or alt texts. Images we did not take ourselves are sourced from magical places like Tumblr and We Heart It, so if you own one of the images we feature and would like it removed (we’re sorry), please send us an email.

*Our map-like logo, as well as our illustrated monthly feature images, are hand-drawn with care by the talented Nour Aoudé.