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Michelle Sammut | The Dreamermich

Born with a heart full of love and a head full of questions, Michelle has always had a passion for words.  She enjoys all the things you aren’t supposed to talk about at the dinner table, and anything black and white. She is a shameless romantic.
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Chad Brown | The Music Manchad

Sit him down with a guitar in front of a campfire with a few friends and Chad could die a happy man. Music is the essence of his being. At any moment you’re sure to find him pressed to the screen of his phone/computer checking out new music, or sitting down with his guitar to write his latest diddy.
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Garrett Hinchey | The EnigmaGarrett Bio Pic

Born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Garrett’s portfolio is as random as a kid’s plate at an all-you-can-eat buffet: an NBA blog, a Northern lifestyle magazine, a commerce periodical, and a documentary about sushi chefs are just some of his credits. Amidst his own personal sea of confusion lives one singularity, though: he lives to write, no matter the subject. And if he’s not an expert on his next topic of choice, you best believe he will be by the time the article’s finished.
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Holly Douglas | The Runnerhollybio

Our fitness fiend, Holly thrives on fresh air and good ol’ fashioned exercise to get her blood pumping. She believes the best way to sightsee is on foot (preferably in Brooks Ravenna 4’s), and thinks there’s  nothing better than a post-run downward dog. Why walk when you can run?
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Laura-Leigh McKenzie | The Advocate


Currently a Master’s student at the University of Western Ontario in the Environment & Sustainability program, Laura-Leigh is keen on promoting local business, creating a more secure food system, and ‘greening’ our Canadian lifestyle. Also on her list of priorities? Finding time for outdoor adventure and riding around town on her bicycle.
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Mariel Wendowsky | The Queen Beemariel

A (fairly) recent university graduate, Mariel forged ahead and found passion in an unlikely place: finance. Channeling her inner Rihanna, our Killer Queen takes comfort in red lipstick, bombshell hair, and a fierce strut. Your go-to for beauty advice, Mariel is never one to mince words.
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Nathan Caddell | The Playmakernathan

Ever since he learned how to read by fawning over the morning paper’s NHL box scores, Nathan knew he wanted to be a journalist. Born to a movie critic father, it wasn’t long before he took to film himself, and now writes film stories for two Vancouver publications. Though hockey and film are his two greatest passions, Nathan has never been satisfied by a hockey film. This frustrates him immensely.
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Nour Aoudé | The Artistnourimage

After years of struggle to find his calling, Nour made peace with his true passion: being a generalist (a damn good one at that). Besides illustration, Nour is turned on by quirky animation, thoughtful city planning, and the writings of Martin Heidegger. Nour lives in Toronto with his bike, Bikey, and a handful of delicious recipes to keep his soul happy—oh, and his friends too.
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Scott Rainone | The Sartorialistscottbio

Growing up in a small town, it was a common occurrence for our resident class-act to hear “Dude, why are you so dressed up all the time?” After that he knew he was doing something right. With a self admitted shopping problem and a shamefully large suit, sunglass, and watch collection, Scott is here to help you do something right when it comes to all things mens style.
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Andrea Sandhu | The Half Pint andrea

From small town to big city, Andrea’s sense of adventure spans the globe. Whether it’s living in Hong Kong, jumping out of planes, exploring new cultures, or trying every new beer she can get her hands on, Andrea is not one for the norm. Do you know any National bowling champions? Now you do! A hopped up, stout-loving soul, Andrea looks forward to sharing her adventurous spirit with you!
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Tej Sandhu | The Glass Half Fulltej

With a career in the music industry, beer is a natural hobby for Tej. Equipped with an eye for art, an ear for music, and a taste for great beer, Tej is continuously searching for ways to combine all three. Always one to try things first-hand, Tej isn’t one to sit on the sidelines. Whether white water rafting, surfing, skydiving, home brewing, or attempting to be a Master Chef, he knows practice makes perfect. Now, as he dives into the world of writing, he hopes to excite and challenge readers to experience the best in beer!
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