Spring Clean Your Work Out Routine!


Spring is officially here and I’ll be the first one to say it: Winter can be a huge pain in the butt when it comes to getting in a workout. Unpredictable weather can certainly derail your fitness goals outdoors. Sure, the gym comes to the rescue during these times, but now that the weather is stable we can trade our long-sleeve shirts for T’s and our running tights for shorts or capris.

A new season is a great reason to tweak your everyday fitness routine. What better way to welcome the spring air than getting outside for your workout?

Here are a few ways you can switch up your sweatfest and get some much needed Vitamin D!

Get on the Field

Indoor soccer leagues are great, but getting out on the field and coming home with a few grass stains is better! This spring, grab a group of friends, head outside, and have some fun kicking around the soccer ball or throwing the football. Soccer, football, baseball, flag football, and softball are all great activities to organize outdoors. Be sure to check if there are any recreational sports teams in your area, too. Joining a team or a club is an excellent way to make friends while getting fit. Bonus: Good chance of after-game-beers!

Try Your Hand at Frisbee

Remember playing Frisbee as a kid? Embrace your inner child and pick up a disc! I think playing frisbee is a fantastic (and hilarious) way to get active outside. Are you a dog owner? Frisbee is a fun way to give Fido a workout, too. Likewise, try playing Frolf (Frisbee + Golf) or Ultimate Frisbee for a challenging twist on the fun sport.

Jump In

Okay, okay. It’s still a bit chilly to go swimming, but with the end of spring comes summer, meaning swimming will soon be on the horizon! If you can’t wait for the mercury to rise and want to get out on the water without getting into the water, try kayaking or canoeing. Both activities are an excellent upper body workout, and really, who doesn’t want arms à la Michelle Obama?

Take it to the Beach

Beach volleyball anyone? There’s nothing better than kicking back on the beach after a long afternoon of volleying. If you do not have a beach near you, take it to the backyard! Set up a net and get settin’!

Get on the Court 

Basketball is a social sport that will keep you active and engaged. Bring a couple of buddies with you to the court and dribble away. Play a quick warm-up game of HORSE (or PIG, or hippopotamus) to warm up. If you aren’t into playing a full competitive game, make up your own games! Break the rules, and break a sweat.

Just Move It

If all else fails, go for a walk! Many of the activities you were working hard at this winter can transition well into warmer weather.

For the runners out there: try a new distance this season or add more variety to your workouts, like a long run or hill run.

If cycling is more your speed, go faster! Try a new route, or sign up for an event that will challenge your mind and body, like a triathlon.

Spring Fitness Style

Not sure what to wear? Check out the ideas below! Spring is all about keeping things light, fresh, and most importantly: COLOURFUL! Nothing brightens a mood quite like a punch of colour. Besides, wearing cute workout clothes can help to boost your gym-time motivation and confidence. Be sure to always keep hydrated, and once the sun really starts blazing, wear sunscreen and a hat to keep yourself protected!




How do you stay active outdoors? 


What do you think?

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