Mary Rubin: Model on the Rise

Photo by Delilah Summer Rayne

Known for her striking blue eyes, soft features and lengthy limbs, Mary Rubin has made quite an impression on the fashion scene. At just 22 years old, the Victoria-based model has already starred in countless editorial spreads, ad campaigns and runway shows for some of the best talent on the west coast. This month alone, Rubin is set to walk in ten shows at Vancouver Fashion Week—a big move for any aspiring model.

We sat down with the bold, beautiful and badass It girl to learn more about her foray into fashion.

THEREGIONMAGAZINE: When did you first become interested in the fashion industry?

MARYRUBIN: When I started middle school I joined the Drama Club. My friends and I would goof off in the costume room, and I started drawing outfits and wedding dresses in the margins of my notebooks. I dreamt of being a fashion designer and making ball gowns for celebrities. I also wore shiny white pleather skirts and lime green knee socks to school. I started shopping at Hot Topic and started to spend hours picking out my outfits.

REGION:  When did you decide you wanted to model?

MARY: In the summer before my freshman year, I signed up for a weeklong modelling camp. By the end of the week I had learned basic poses, how to apply makeup, etiquette, and basic interview do’s and don’ts. We even got to meet a real model and see her portfolio. I ‘borrowed’ my sisters prom dress for the final runway show. Both of my parents came to cheer me on, and I fell in love with modelling.

REGION: Is confidence something we’re born with or something we learn?

MARY: I honestly couldn’t tell you. There are days where I feel extremely confident, and days where all I do is self-doubt. I think having support from your friends and family is very important. I receive nothing but love from the people in my life, and I am very lucky that way.

REGION: Fashion is a highly collaborative field. What qualities make a great creative team?

MARY: Positivity, respect, dedication, and creativity.

REGION: From lookbook to casting call, there’s always a story to be told. Would you compare modelling to acting?

MARY: I would! I find it’s easier to convey the emotion you need if you think of yourself as a character. It’s more genuine that way.

REGION: Describe what happens after the camera shutter first clicks on set. How do you feel when you step onto a runway?

MARY: With each shutter click is a new pose, and you can usually tell if what you’re doing is working for the photographer. There isn’t as much pressure on a photo shoot; you can stop and ask questions, take a break, eat something and relax. But runway is my favourite. I love the nervous excitement you feel before you step out from backstage. The lights are bright and the music is loud.

While I’m walking, I become calm and cool and then it’s over. Just like that. And I always want more.

REGION: You are able to work with anyone in the world for a dream-shoot. Who’s on your call sheet?

MARY: Annie Leibovitz, Kate Moss, and Karla Deras.

REGION: Picture this: You’re on your way to a casting in Toronto. It’s a major gig, but you’re feeling confident. What are you listening to?

MARY: Viices by MADE IN HEIGHTS, Please Turn by Little Dragon, Drunk in Love by Beyonce, and Lost by Frank Ocean.

Keep up with Mary by liking her Facebook page, here.
Images provided by Mary Rubin.
Photographs by 
Delilah Summer RayneLaura BaldwinsonWillow Hillard and Mandy-Lyn Antoniou.


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