Winter Wellness Tips


As tempting as it is to stay inside and hibernate in bed this winter, keeping yourself physically and mentally well is important to beat the winter doldrums.

As a Vancouver Island girl at heart, it was shocking to see a mass-dump of snow at the end of February and not the usual rain. I’ve spent a fair amount of time indoors curled up with a blanket during this cold season, but I’ve done a few other things to keep my body and mind moving too.

I joined a run club

After months of debating whether I should, all signs pointed to “Why not!?” Getting out there every Monday night gives me an excuse to leave the comfort of my house (the struggle is real) and serves as a great reason to meet people with shared interests. I now have some new, fast running friends, and that keeps me warm when I’m out in the cold on group runs. Try this: Join a club or a class near you to meet new people and discover a new hobby!

Experimenting in the kitchen

Summer is great for whipping up refreshing dishes, but there’s something about comfort food in the winter that warms the soul. Whether you’re creating new recipes from scratch or finding a new dish online to conjure up, keeping busy in the kitchen is always fun. And your roommate/family definitely appreciate taste testing!

Diving into a good book

I admit, I go through periods where I read a lot then suddenly hit a dry spell of zero literature. Although tabloids and celebrity gossip magazines are an entertaining way to pass the time, nothing beats a good book with interesting characters and adventurous storylines. I recently picked up Wild by Cheryl Strayed and spent two days with my nose buried in the pages, my cat snuggled on my lap. When is the last time you relaxed with a book?

Pampering at home

Going to the spa is a luxury that I like to indulge in sometimes, but since my budget is focused on running shoes than pedicures, I do the majority of my foot work at home. Whether your idea of pampering yourself is a new hair mask, a DIY facial, a bubble bath, or giving your fingers and toes a new coat of polish, take some time to be a little selfish this winter and pamper yourself. Why not do all of the above, make some hot chocolate and kick your feet up!?

Dance, boogie, groove

While in the middle of a baking extravaganza, I found myself dancing along to a funky playlist on 8tracks. Have you danced lately? I forgot how great it felt to just move freely, and although it wasn’t the prettiest or most graceful of moves, it got my blood flowing and I felt happy. The endorphins I was feeling post-10km run might have had something to do with that, but nevertheless; turn up the tunes and move!

And when all is said and done, take a break from all your dancing, flop on the couch with a  book and freshly made snacks. Bliss!

What do you do to keep your mind and body healthy in the winter?
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