Natural Wonders: Canadian Beauty Brands


It’s time to update your grooming-routine! Laura-Leigh McKenzie and Michelle Sammut teamed up to find five natural, home-grown beauty lines we can all be proud of.

Epic Blend


Dry, chapped lips are inevitable when it’s cold outside. These organic lip balms from Kelowna based Epic Blend are an inexpensive solution to add to your flake-fighting campaign. Top-shelf ingredients like organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, and organic sunflower oil make sure your lips stay hydrated throughout the day and the formula is ideal for guys and gals alike (re: soft, not sticky or oily). Available in a variety of delicious flavours like Pineapple Mint, Green Apple and limited edition Chocolate Rum, Epic Blend also carries an unflavored version for those of us with extra sensitive pouts. Legendary!

Crawford Street Skin Care


Luxury skincare from an indie beauty line? It’s possible! Just ask Gaelyne Leslie, who started Toronto based Crawford Street Skin Care in 2010. After having a severe allergic reaction to a commercial face moisturizer, Leslie decided to experiment with natural ingredients  and created the small but mighty collection in her kitchen. The face and body-care line has since grown to include beauty-insider favourites like the Rose Geranium Face Toner and the Frankincense and Sweet Orange Body Lotion. Feel-good indulgence? Sign us up.

Lowen’s Skincare


Having originated from one dedicated Calgary dad looking to cure his daughter’s diaper rash, you can be sure Lowen’s Skincare is effective and gentle. Your lips will be impressed by the delicious flavour and tingle of their lip balm. If you suffer from eczema, you’ll really appreciate their super balms and salves. And for the rest of us, there’s Rub It In Why Don’t Ya! Not only is this skin care line amazingly effective, it’s also made with 100% natural ingredients, sourced ethically and locally (whenever possible).



Another Calgarian gem, routine is by far the best natural deodorant you’ll come across. Whether you’ve got the stress sweats, sports sweats or nervous sweats, routine can handle it with a wide variety of great scents  to choose from (some made for men too). It won’t stop you from sweating altogether—a good thing, because otherwise you’re just clogging up your sweat glands and preventing toxins in the body from having an escape route. So if you’ve only ever used antiperspirants, just remember that it might take a week or so to adjust to a natural product. Say goodbye to yellow pit stains and bad body odour for good!

Apple Island Naturals


Apple Island Naturals has a full suite of beauty care products that are as nice to you as they are to the environment (and that’s really nice). With their Goodnight Kiss Night Serum, Apple Island Mud Mask, Face Soufflé and Cotton Cloths, Apple Island sure knows how to treat your face right. And that’s not all; they’ve got you covered when it comes to hair, makeup and perfume too, all for reasonable prices. Easy on your wallet, good for the planet, healthy for your body—win, win, win all around!

What are your favourite natural Canadian beauty brands?
Feature image sourced on Pinterest. Product images sourced on company websites.


3 responses to “Natural Wonders: Canadian Beauty Brands

  1. Agreed Jasmine Awan! Their lip butter balms saved me through this dreadful winter!!

  2. You’re missing Kona Kare! An amazing brand started out by a young couple from Toronto in their kitchen as well! #shoplocal

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