The Road to Recovery: Part I


It’s happened to most of us: a blow to the ego, a hit to one’s self-esteem or a dip in self-confidence… and it sucks. It can stem from getting fired from a job, getting dumped, getting rejected in one way or another, facing a mid-twenties life crisis or making a poor choice when everyone told you otherwise. Mistakes, set-backs, bumps in the road—we all experience them from time to time. Depending on the situation, the road to recovery may be short and sweet, or long and dreadful.

If you happen to be facing a rut, here are a few tips that I hope will help get you through it.

1. Know you’re not alone. It can be very comforting to remind yourself that you’re not the only person on this earth who’s experienced something shitty. Just turn on the radio and pay attention to the lyrics. I guarantee that you’ll hear some tunes that tell tales of similar hardship, strife and despair. But also know that others before you have gotten through it. You will too.

2. Channel positive thoughts. It sounds so cheesy, but man is it true. When you think positive, it’s uplifting and energizing. Try to think of all the great things that you have going on in your life (they will ALWAYS be there, I promise!)  Remind yourself of what you have going for you when the negative thoughts start to overwhelm you. Even better, write it out so you can see it visually on paper. And if you’re really struggling to see the positive, have a friend, sibling or parent help shed some light. It helps.

3. Re-energize. Allow yourself some time and space to grieve, re-group and re-energize. That might mean journaling; getting out into the great outdoors; doing more yoga; painting, drawing or crafting etc. You might  need a little solitude or you might need to get your social on. Do what you need to do to feel connected with your true self again, and make time for activities that help you feel grounded and steady.

4. Get out with your besties. Spend some quality time with your favourite people. Let their energy fuel you and lift your spirits. Maybe you need them to come over and plow through a bucket of ice cream with you, or maybe you need them to help you get suited up and out of the house. Whatever it is, your friends are there for you and all you have to do is let them know you need them.

5. Pamper yourself. Make it a priority to put yourself first and take extra good care of yourself. Get a facial, a massage, a cut and colour or a professional shave. Make an appointment with the chiropractor, the naturopath or a personal trainer – something you’ve always wanted to do for yourself but haven’t ever gotten to. Sometimes feeling great on the outside can help you feel a bit better on the inside. Trust me, this little pick me-up can work wonders.

This should give you a healthy start. But don’t worry, a few more tips are still to come.

Click here to read Part II.
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