Destination Fitness: Winter Getaway Workouts


It’s time to head South and sip on fancy cocktails by the pool—vacation season is finally upon us! Escaping the everyday grind for a week or two is always a welcomed change, but did you know that the workout grind fits perfectly into your vacation plans?

It’s true. Going on vacation is a great excuse to get out and explore new surroundings by foot. Whether I  run, walk or bike ride, getting a dose of fresh air (and endorphins!) is an excellent way to stay calm, relaxed, and healthy on a calm, relaxing vacation.

Travel Workout Cheat Sheet

  • Staying at a resort?  You may have the convenience of a gym facility for early morning (late afternoon) workouts. Who wants to sweat at night when you could be refuelling with exotic food and drinks instead? Try a quick circuit workout or hop on a treadmill for a high intensity interval workout to blast calories in a shorter amount of time.
  • Check to see if your accommodations are located close to local fitness centres. Have you been dying to try Zumba? How about Pilates? Participating in a group exercise class is an exciting way to mingle with the locals and fit in a fun workout.
  • Sitting on your balcony is one way to watch the sunrise over the ocean, but how about taking it to the beach? Lace up your sneakers and go for a beach run. Beach running is challenging in the best way possible: the sand provides unstable traction, meaning your muscles will work harder and you’ll feel more of a burn. Did you forget your calves could ache that much?
  • Speaking of the beach: if you’re more yogi than runner, roll out the ‘ol mat and towel on the sand. Some hotels may even have yoga mats to borrow—just be sure to wipe it down before the next person comes along (sand and sweat). Besides, wouldn’t sunrise/sunset yoga be an ideal way to end a long day of pool lounging and buffet?
  • There are always those days on vacation when you want to just want stay close to your room and chill. Fantastic! Your room doubles for a private gym! If you packed your laptop, connect to the resort WiFi (make sure it’s included in your room fee first) and surf YouTube for some easy-to-do workout routines. Unplugged from technology?  Grab a pen and brainstorm a workout of your own. Try adding in moves like push ups, planks, jumping jacks, and squats. You most probably won’t have a set of weights in your hotel room, so body-weight exercises like these are your best bet (and can give you the best burn)!

Travel Workout Pack-List

Items may change depending on your destination. Since it is winter, I am envisioning a tropical getaway filled with ample amounts of piña colada.

Oh, and exercise. 

  1. Sports bra
  2. Technical shirts to wick away sweat
  3. Shorts, capris
  4. Sport socks
  5. Running shoes
  6. Yoga mat

And ladies, be sure to bring a small collection of hair ties and bobby pins with you. We all know how quickly those disappear… Happy travels!

Are you going on vacation this winter? How will you be staying active?
Featured images sourced on Pinterest.


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