Fitness resolutions: 5 tips for sticking with it


2014 is upon us, and you can bet the gyms will be bursting with New Years resolutionists  aiming to live a healthier life this year. New Years resolutions are great for setting goals, but if you take any advice from me let it be this: don’t get too hung up on your resolutions.

Living a healthy lifestyle is something you do year round, and I have a few fit-resolution tips to keep you on track for the other 11 months of the year.

1. Have a routine

Whether your routine is waking up early to do yoga, going for a run or going for a bike ride,  having a routine makes it easy to plan your day. Add some accountability into the mix by adding your daily routine into your phone: labelling an alarm (“Time to get up” and run!”) or  setting a reminder will help your routine become a habit.

2. Go easy on yourself

If you want to wake up and work out, do it. If you don’t want to, don’t. Tomorrow is a new day, and there’s no need to beat yourself up because you didn’t make it to the gym.

But if you have a free day or some spare time, it doesn’t hurt to get a quick, easy workout in.

3. Work outside your comfort zone

The comfort zone is a great place, but they say that change happens when you move beyond it. As a runner, one of my 2014 goals is to work outside of my comfort zone and beat my earlier race times. Want to get outside of your own CZ? Try that Pilates pose you’ve been hesitant to try, enter a triathlon or volunteer for a local race: the possibilities are endless!

4. Extend your horizons

And by horizons of course, I mean your race distance. I have puttered around the half marathon distance for the past two years now, and I’m thinking it’s getting close to the full marathon time. But before jumping from a 5k to a 10k race, be sure to train well to avoid injury. You want to get through 2014 in one happy, healthy piece!

5. Make time for friends

Finding balance in your lifestyle will not only keep you sane throughout the year, but mentally healthy too. Getting your workout in for the day is important, but blowing off your friends because you are “too tired” (and really are just sitting on your couch) is not cool. Try making time for both. Besides, a balanced social life is as good for your health as that 30-day squat challenge!

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