The December Issue


It’s only December 1st and already the holiday season has become nauseating. There are holiday cups at every coffee shop, Christmas music playing wherever you go, and TV commercials assaulting you with holiday cheer. Everyone at the office insists on discussing their vacation plans, and there are way too many parties to go to. It’s enough to drive you crazy. It’s enough to make you sick. #BahHumBug

But we’re not a bunch of Grinches, so we’re into it.

This month we promise not to overdo it*. Instead, we’ll focus on the fact that we live in Canada and it’s winter (read: abominable snowman breeding ground).  Need to check out from all the December goings-on and find some sanity? Take a walk. Looking for a good way to stay warm? We found one. Forget what your face looks like without a mound of hair insulating your upper lip? Friend, it’s time you shave that sucker off.

Check back every week this month for more content, and remember to bundle up. Baby, it’s cold outside.

Listen to it: 

*But we probably will.

Image found here.


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