Two of a Kind: The Leather Trend


For better or worse, I share my online-shopping finds with one person: Mariel Wendowsky. “Look at how darling this is!” I’ll gush about a skirt stalked on Pinterest. I copy and paste the URL into our conversation window and send the Facebook message off with a slew of exclamation marks.  A few minutes later the message is read and Mariel replies: “Ehh it’s nice, but it’s not my style.”

A difference in opinion. The cause of school yard fights, failed marriages and diplomatic catastrophes the world over. But for Mariel and I the challenge of styling eye to eye has become the basis of our latest undertaking. We’ve vowed to celebrate our style differences by curating looks from the same trend with our own spin. Colour, fabric, style or cut, we’ll find a way to unite it.

Because if fashion is a tool we use to express ourselves outwardly, we’re betting that style is a reflection of who we choose to be where it counts (inside, obviously).

To illustrate: I’m a shameless romantic who wishes Ella Fitzgerald’s “In a Sentimental Mood” would play wherever I go. I gravitate toward delicate silhouettes, romantic draping and layers of tulle. Mariel has a strikingly cool aesthetic and leans toward structured shape, bold design and sexy lines. The soundtrack to her life? Rihanna.

The trend: Leather

Genuine or faux, leather is a fashion staple. Worn for practicality as much as aesthetic, the classic material ranges in composition, style, price and colour. This season, leather proved its wardrobe versatility by becoming a true fashion chameleon: the typical “biker dude with big moustache wearing leather chaps” rendition was replaced by polished dresses, casual t-shirts and delicate laser-cut jackets.


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Where does your style personality fit on the trend spectrum? 

Feature image sourced on Pinterest. Included images created by The Region, sources listed in Shopping Guide.


2 responses to “Two of a Kind: The Leather Trend

  1. Haha, she totally does reply “Ehh it’s nice but not my style” every time. Truth.

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