The Best Things to Do in Fall

fallfavouritesHere we are in November, nearing the end of my favourite season. So, as we brace ourselves for winter, here are a few great things about fall to enjoy before the snow flies:

1) Tromping around in the leaves. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours on the weekend. Head to the back yard or a nearby park, round-up some leaves, embrace your inner five-year old and jump right into the pile! Sure, you might feel a little ridiculous, but who cares! It’s nice to check in with a younger version of yourself every now and again. At the very least, make a point of going for a walk and kicking around a few leaves while you’re out. There’s nothing more pleasant than a beautiful fall day spent outside taking in the colours and the fresh air.

2) Pumpkin spice and chai lattes are on the menu at your local coffee shop! The fall season seems to turn on this persistent desire for a warm, delicious beverage (topped with a little whip, of course). The fresh air, contrasted by the spicy fall flavours makes for a pretty perfect pair. Line up the coffee dates and coffee breaks and take your latte to go. A little fall stroll with your latte in hand is a great way to spend your lunch break or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

3) Fall is harvest season, and that means root veggies! Parsnips, beets, potatoes, carrots, turnips, rutabaga, and of course, you can’t forget squash! Roasted, baked or grilled—these veggies make the perfect complement to any dinner. They’re delicious in soup too. Seriously, don’t underestimate the local produce this time of year! And trust me, even if you consider yourself a terrible cook, you can’t screw up when it comes to root veggies.

Peel and cut a few of your favourites, toss them onto some tinfoil with a couple of cloves of garlic and a little onion, drizzle with olive oil, add a bit of salt and pepper, wrap it all up and pop that sucker into the over for 30-40 minutes.

4) Two words: Fall Fashion. In my own humble opinion, fall fashion is far superior to any of the other seasons. In fact, the fashion might just be the real reason I love fall so much. Sweaters, tights, boots and scarves. Layer it up and stay cozy! Boots and scarves help you dress it up for a nice evening out or a day at the office. And knitted sweaters keep a gal feeling warm and snug, while still looking stylish and cute. Even the guys can appreciate that!

There’s no question that fall has a lot of great things going on. And as the leaves change and fall from the tress, let it act as a reminder to embrace a little change in your own life and try something new—whether it’s cooking up a few root veggies or taking up a new hobby that’s just for you!


What are your favourite fall activities?
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