Bundle Up! Cold Weather Running


The cooler weather upon us, meaning it’s time to retire our tank tops and shorts for the long sleeves and pants. While staying in your warm, comfortable bed is a hundred times more appealing than going outside to complete your work out, there are a couple of ways to gear up for cold weather running and make it more fun and less freeze-your-buns-off.

– Stop the Snooze Button: As tempting as it is to keep hitting the snooze button, stop it! Get up and moving before your brain knows it’s awake. If you aren’t energized after your workout and a healthy dose of fresh air, you can always crawl back into bed!

– Layer: Instead of wearing the usual t-shirt and shorts when you hit the pavement, switch those pieces out for their longer counterparts. I’m talking a long sleeve shirt and some lightweight running pants or tights. Not into pants? Try a thicker pair of capri pants. When I run outside in cooler weather, I also like to wear a thin windbreaker. This way if I get too toasty I can wrap it around my waist, but my arms will stay shielded from the elements thanks to my long sleeve shirt.


The Lululemon luxtreme Speed Tights are at the top of my wish list. I purchased a similar pair last year, and there’s nothing better than deep pockets to store your fuel gels or a pair of gloves while you’re on the go. Plus, this pant comes in several colours and a funky paisley embossed pattern to take your tights up the next level.

-Put a Lid On It!: They say heat escapes through our head, so be sure to wear a toque if the weather permits while you’re outdoors. Don’t like your head fully covered? Try looking for a wide headband that is pre-shrunk, breathable and has four-way stretch. This means you won’t have to pry your head through with all your might (although you could consider that an added arm workout). Additionally, your ears will stay toasty and flyaways out of your face!


The Run with Me Toque from Lululemon tops my list of running head-gear

– Handy work: Have you ever noticed that after running outside, your hands start to sting after you come back into your warm house? One way to avoid this is  by keeping your hands covered while you’re on the run. Whether that means wearing a long sleeve top with thumb holes (possibly one of the best inventions ever aside from the coffee machine) or slipping on a pair of gloves, keeping your hands warm will honestly make your run more enjoyable. Bonus: You’ll be able to wiggle your fingers comfortably without grimacing in pain.

– Fancy feet: Now that you have your mitts covered, you gotta think about your feet, too. The thin socks you ran in during the summer time is great for indoor treadmill runs, but try looking for a thicker sock that will wick away moisture. Plus, a thick, supportive sock will also stave off pesky blisters and chafing on your feet. I suggest a pair of ankle socks or even a tall pair of compression socks. Additionally, compression socks will make sure your legs recover faster after a long run while keeping you warm.


How do you bundle up for cold weather running?
Feature images sourced on Google & lululemon.com


5 responses to “Bundle Up! Cold Weather Running

  1. I find that it’s actually easier to run in the cold. I can run almost twice as long without getting tired or out of breath :) Running in the summer is my difficulty!

  2. I am so awful about running outdoors in the cold, but I AM going to make an effort this year. It will happen! I got killed at my last half last weekend, so it was PAINFULLY evident how much I needed cold weather training.

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