The Morning Routine: From Sleeping Beauty to Office Ready in 20


Sunrise. Alarm clock. Daylight. The end of a comfortable, horizontal position.  Yes, this is what most people refer to as morning.  If you are anything like me, reading that word made you shudder and dream of a world where you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to work.  Alas, I do not live in this world and neither, likely, do you (sorry for the reality check).

I have managed–out of sheer laziness–to cultivate a morning routine that has me from bed to door in less than twenty minutes (with minimal witchcraft).  These general life hacks can maximize your time in bed and minimize your time staring at the wall in the shower, praying for the comfort of sleep.


FOOD: This is usually a big factor for those who have just woken up from slumber, though I myself don’t have much of an appetite when I first wake up. My brain switches from “what the fuck is happening to me,” when my alarm goes off to, “I wonder how fast I can get coffee into my body” in light speed. I do, however, recognize the importance of having a hearty, healthy breakfast to start the day off.

Make your breakfast ahead of time and grab it on the way out the door.  I do overnight steel-cut oats and they could not be easier (use this—you are storing a week of breakfasts in their carrying containers).  I top my oats off with a homemade strawberry topping (boil strawberries with a little bit of agave syrup and cinnamon, I make enough for the week and store it in the fridge) and walnuts before I go on my way. Some days I skip this entirely and grab a scone at the coffee shop, but hey, we can’t be perfect all the time.

Time: 2-3 minutes

537455_382533125195143_1829308592_n_largeCLOTHING: My job requires me to look nice at the office, which really means I can’t just pick something up from the heap on my floor to wear (though sometimes I do).  Try saving future-you some morning anxiety and prep your outfit before bed. I like to iron my clothes the night before I wear them, though it is relevant to point out that my ironing skills are abysmal. Sometimes I’ll iron a couple of shirts at a time when I’m bored and hang them up for a morning where I hate all my options.  This requires a little bit of forethought but is generally worth not having to worry about it in the morning.

Time: 3 minutes (half of which may be indecision due to limited clothing options—I should probably go shopping)

large (4)GETTING READY: First thing I do when I wake up is drag my body into the shower; I brush my teeth while I’m there and suds-up.  This entire process takes about 4 minutes. I throw my hair into a tight ponytail because it looks polished, and no one needs to know it’s actually much easier than blow-drying.

The secret to making your morning beauty routine fly by is to find products that multitask as well as you do.

A BB cream is a great option, as it allows you to skip the moisturizer and still get the hydration you need, and gives you a great layered coverage.   I actually mix my foundation and BB cream together because I find that the colour of my BB cream is a little too orange for my skin, (I’m hunting for a better option, so if you have a Holy Grail of BB cream let me know in the comments). I also have eyelash extensions, which negates any use for eye makeup other than penciling in my eyebrows (DO. NOT. NEGLECT. YOUR. BROWS.  Stay tuned for an article but know they are important). To fake the “I get 8 hours of sleep a night” look, I use NARS’ The Multiple in Copacabana as a highlighter on the cheekbones, under the brow, corners of the eyes, bridge of nose, and the dip at the top of the lips.

Total time for hair and makeup: 6-8 minutes.

There you have it. You can now call yourself a morning person.
What’s your morning game-plan?
Feature image sourced on Pinterest. Included images sourced on WeHeartIt.


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