Beauty Tips for Fit Chicks

beautyforfitchicksYou know what to wear during your workout, but what happens when you want to wear make up? Do you slather on the whole shebang, or do you keep it simple?

When getting your sweat on, less is certainly more. I like to wear a bit of make up when I’m at the gym because I have some redness on my face, and when an unexpected breakout happens, I definitely feel more inclined to touch up those spots. But don’t pull out the big guns; you don’t always have to pull out every product in your cosmetic arsenal.

Before the Gym

brushesWashing your face and making sure your skin is moisturized makes for a great canvas. Not only will this wake you up for those early morning workouts, it’s always good practice for your skin’s overall health, too. I like to use the 9 to 5 cleanser from LUSH, because it calms my sensitive skin.

Once you have applied your moisturizer, go ahead and hide any red areas or blemishes you may have. I skip foundation for the simple fact that it lays heavily on my skin and tends to slip and slide off during my workout. When I wipe my forehead mid-run, I prefer not to see a bunch of make up on my hands! For concealer, I recommend Erase Paste by Benefit , Maybelline’s Age Rewind Eraser, or Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer. All three products have excellent staying power and fit your high-end or drugstore product needs!

After I apply my concealer, I dust on some powder to add some extra colour and keep things in place. My go-to powder now is Revlon Nearly Naked Powder.  It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, and you can build up the coverage without looking like a powder puff. Perfect!

Next, you can apply your favourite waterproof (or not) mascara and some lip balm. Now grab your water bottle and music—gym time!

After the Gym

IMG_1896I like to keep a packet of make up removing/cleansing towelettes in my gym bag to refresh my skin after my workout. My personal favourites are the make up wipes pictured here (found at Rexall Drugstore) or cleansing wipes by the brand Simple (found at your local drugstore, Wal-Mart, etc). By using towelettes, you rid your skin of any oil, sweat, and make up left on your face. Bonus: cleansing your face helps rid breakouts—can’t complain about that!  Afterwards, I carry on with my skincare routine by spritzing my face with toner (try Breath of Fresh Air by LUSH) and smoothing on moisturizer. From here, you can go to town with your make up!

Don’t have time for a shower after the gym? No fear! Refresh your hair with dry shampoo. A couple drugstore favourites of mine are Tresemme and Psssst! A dry shampoo will soak up any oil in your hair  and add a bit of volume without weighing it down. If all else fails though, throw your hair into a Pinterest worthy top knot and call it a day! After fixing my hair, I always reapply deodorant (fresh to death) and get my things together. Quick fix me up after the gym, success!
What are your tips for getting ready before/after the gym? Any favourite products?


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