Sweat in Style: Summer Edition!

It’s always important to wear the proper attire when you’re exercising, but as the seasons change, your workout gear needs a transformation too. Here are a few ideas for to help you stay cool this summer while you’re out there breaking a sweat.  And as an added bonus? You’ll look fabulous too.


yogaFirst up, yoga gear! Yoga has become a favourite method for many people to stay in shape. Not only will you twist and bend your body in ways the average couch potato can’t, you’ll also have a world of fashionable gear at your fingertips to keep you looking good in downward dog. Whether you’re sporting a floral bra top from Vancouver based Lululemon, or a “Who Made the Rules” tank from the infamous Tara Stiles (side note: she is an amazing yoga instructor, and I highly recommend Googling her), yoga clothing is meant to keep you cool, calm, and tangle free, no matter which pose you find yourself in.


runAs a runner, I gravitate toward Lululemon for my work out apparel. My body loves it, and while I wish I could buy every piece of running clothing they produce, I cannot afford such extravagance. However, they deliver quality workout gear that will keep you supported and fresh on those long runs of summer. As an added bonus, they do free hemming, and their clothing really lasts! I am a personal fan of the “Tame Me Tank” (pictured above). The thick straps and loose, longer bodice provide comfort, so you can move freely without having to worry about things slipping, sliding, and riding up. By the same token, their shorts have flat seams and built in undies, so you can avoid the awkward, but universal bunching while you’re on the run.



I am not an extreme cyclist (I recently purchased my first bike), but if you are an avid bike rider you know how important  it is to stay comfortable on the road. The summer is an excellent opportunity to pull your bike out from storage and show off your stylish cycling ensembles! This includes spandex shorts that don’t dig in, sweat-wicking tanks, and breathable socks. Lululemon recently launched a cycling-specific line in their stores, so you can stay on trend as you peddle down the path. Note: If you have a cruiser bike like the one above, be sure to attach a basket on the front and toss in a water bottle so you can stay hydrated while you’re on the go!

(Left to Right) Basketball, Golf, Soccer, & Swim

Sporting Life

Last but not least, there is something for you too, gentleman! Shooting hoops in open outdoors definitely beats being stuck inside an old high school gym. Nike offers a huge variety of sport-specific clothing, including a long line of basketball shirts, shorts, and shoes. Tired of the same old T-shirts? Switch it up for a sleeveless jersey. Nobody wants a farmer’s tan!

Are you into golf? The summer is also an excellent time to ditch those pullovers and switch them out for fun coloured polo shirts. Throw in a pair of plaid shorts (or plain, if you’re not a plaid kind of guy) and vibrant golf shoes, and you are on your way to the country club!

Your typical oversized soccer jersey from your high school days have been traded for a more adult version, as shown above. While they are more streamlined, they do not fail to keep you dry as you run towards the net. Pair a jersey like this with a simple pair of cotton soccer shorts, and supportive shoes, and you’re set. Score!

Swim time! Look for a sleeveless tank to beat the heat and a pair of swim trunks (this way you can head to the water without having to make an outfit change)! Swim trunks are versatile, meaning you can lounge in them on your off days and get in a good workout wearing them too, whether it be laps at the pool or running into the wide open ocean. Slip on a pair of sneakers, or if you want to keep things casual after your dip, a pair of flip flops.



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