On the Importance of Having a ‘Thing’


Discovering a trademark is a crucial part of developing your own personal style and look.  I have bold, groomed brows and wear red lipstick most days (a sheer peach when I am kicking around on the weekend); I also wear the same pair of  Mom-gifted diamond earrings.  These three things make up the foundation of my look and manage to stay the same when everything else changes (okay, I’ll be honest, it’s rare a day when I bother to put on lipstick while I’m watching Netflix in bed).  These style strongholds add a sense of cohesiveness to my outward appearance, and enable me to have a ‘personal trademark’ of sorts (a good thing to have as an adult).

To further my point, let’s take a look at a few of my favourite celebrities. You may not realize that these songbirds have a quintessential look of their own, but they definitely do. As a big part of their overall brand, an established “look” is an incredibly beneficial thing for celebrities to cultivate. After all, it’s their job to be as recognizable and different as possible—nice life, eh? So what gives these stars their visual “it factor”? Let’s find out.


My friends know firsthand just how obsessed I am with Rihanna, “Queen Rih” (obvious counterpart to my other love, Queen Bey). She has a flawless, effortless (re: slightly outrageous) style and somehow manages to make an all denim outfit look good (see Britney and JT’s matching denim ensembles at the 2001 American Music Awards as an example what not to do).  Rihanna’s trademark “thing” is not (a) drama with Chris Brown, (b) amazing weaves or (c) tattoos, it’s red lipstick, something she wears so often that it has become a ubiquitous staple in her daring and bold fashion choices (do I need to mention her denim outfit again, cause I’m going to).  The new 2013 shade RiRi Woo by MAC (a less orange version of classic shade Ruby Woo) was only available online this past spring and it sold out in less than 3 hours! To channel my inner RiRi #Phuckyofaves.

Iggy Azalea

Shockingly, I am not going to choose Iggy’s irritatingly flawless skin, her height (though I can relate), or even her famous derrière as her “thing”. No, Iggy has incredible hair, and as a fellow blonde who also usually opts for the high and tight pony, I can seriously appreciate her dedication to making this look work for her.  I won’t talk about the fact that Iggy is a white, female artists in a predominately black, male genre, but I will point out that as a new comer to the game, she has had to make herself stand out and be recognizable in the industry.  Ask her fans, I think it’s working…


On her own, Beyoncé is inarguably iconic and has a whack load of talent (and super human beauty) to thank for that.  But a recent study about the Texan beauty queen has surprised me.  According to AceMetrix, consumers are unable to recognize Beyoncé as confidently when she isn’t blonde.  This was done in regard to her (semi) recent H&M ads that you may have seen plastered around somewhere. The two ads, one showing her as a blonde and the other as a brunette, ran simultaneously and featured the singer performing the same song, and yet consumers were unable to recognize her as easily  in the ad that featured her as a brunette. You can’t argue with data like that.
Do you have  a signature ‘thing’? Tell us about it in the comments below!
Feature image sourced on Google. Included images sourced on Google or Instagram.


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