The May Issue

Drawn with love by Nour Aoude

Well, here we are: our very first issue. You might not know it yet, but we can tell that we are going to be friends. As your favourite online source for the finer things in life—and the freshest site in your procrastination arsenal (but seriously, how many times can you filter through bacon wrapped meat on Pinterest?)—we’re here to make sure you look good, feel good, live long and…prosper?

And since it’s the first time we’re meeting we wanted to introduce ourselves to you properly—over a cold pint of Garrison’s, pumped up about our finds from the thrift shop. In this issue we’re starting off strong with articles on the national music fest line up, tried and true beauty products (we did the work for you), the benefits of a tailored suit, as well as features on the ever evolving way we think about television (remember when TVs had antennas? What was that about?), an ode to T.O (started from the bottom), and a vow to expand the Prime Minister’s stillness through books. Needless to say we’re committed. Are you?

Listen to it:

Image drawn by Nour Aoudé


What do you think?

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