Tried and True: Beauty Rebuys (Drug Store Edition)


I know what you’re thinking. What qualifies you to give me beauty advice? Do you have a BA in Cosmetic Arts or something?  No, I don’t (though if that were an elective, I’m sure I would have taken it). What I do have is experience, and as we all know, that holds a lot of weight these days. I’ve tried my fair  share of (failed) beauty trends; butterfly clips, shatter nail polish—hell, stock in black eyeliner probably went down after I graduated high school. Let’s just say it took me a little too long to adhere to the “less is more” philosophy of beauty and style.

Nowadays, I’ve become a beauty guru of sorts; imparting my wisdom to friends when they need it. In light of this, fellow beauty nuts, I bring you my top 5 re-buys, AKA the products so good and reliable, I constantly rebuy them. I have compiled a list divided into higher and lower end items (what you could find in your drug store, vs. what you could find in a department store or Sephora) that have worked so well for me, my hunt is over!

Drug Store

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara

Insanely sensitive eyes paired with a manic-obsession with long, thick eyelashes–before discovering this product, I visited my optometrist many, many times for corneal abrasions. Clump Crusher is one of those rare products that actually does what it claims to be able to do. I apply this stuff in gobs and it gives me thick, lush, separated eyelashes that don’t clump and don’t flake off in my eyes!

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

Admittedly, this product isn’t in the typical “drug store” price range—I’ve seen it between $14.99-20.99 at big box drug stores, erring on the more expensive side of the spectrum. However, it’s a great foundation and I’ve been using it for years. It has great (adjustable) coverage, a wide variety of colors and tones, and a creamy non-oily finish.  I apply it with a beauty sponge and it covers my occasionally awful skin from dawn till dusk.

Organix Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair is very fine and very fried from occasional flat iron and blow dryer abuse (hey—I’m reforming). I’d been on the hunt for a product I could use once a week, since I am a “lather, rinse, repeat when you have to” kind of girl  (a high pony tail will hide a multitude of sins, and it makes me look more professional at work). After a year of searching, I found my treasure. This stuff moisturizes without weighing my hair down and leaves it looking soft and shiny for days.

Essie Nail Polish

Literally any color by Essie I have ever tried has become an immediate favorite. I hoard this stuff like I’m on TV and carry my favorites around with me in my purse. Since I work in a conservative environment I usually wear neutrals on my nails; I love Prima Ballerina, Chinchilly, and Ballet Slippers (somewhat of a cult favorite). When the weekend arrives (and summer hits) Turquoise & Caicos is great, as is California Coral.

Garnier Lotion

It may not shock you to hear that I have many half used bottles of lotions strewn about my apartment, but when it comes to body lotion, I am very picky.  Lotion needs to be super moisturizing without being oily, and it shouldn’t leave a film on your hands or body. I use this stuff every night on my dry, tortured skin and it makes a world of difference. Lightly scented, lasts for hours and doesn’t leave my sheets greasy. Winning. It’s also the only lotion I’ve ever bought more than one bottle of (a testament all its own).
Ready for more? Click here for Part Two: Department Store Edition.
Feature image sourced on Pinterest.


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