Tried and True: Beauty Rebuys (Department Store Edition)


And now on to the heavy hitters. These are for when you think you deserve a little something extra (and if I know you like I think I do, you always deserve the extras). You can be find these treasures at stores like Sephora, the Bay or even the Beauty Bar at your friendly, neighbourhood Shoppers.

Department Store

DiorShow Mascara Extase

Where to begin with this product. Yes, it’s expensive as hell but it is worth every penny (when I have extra pennies kicking around).  It is also hands-down the best mascara I have ever used, and coming from a serial-beauty-product buyer that’s pretty high praise. I find you can apply it very liberally to your lashes and it has serious staying power. The Extase version of Dior Show includes a moisturizer/grower for your lashes; I am not sure if it makes a huge difference but the tube is gold and hey – I like gold.

Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I bought this foundation for the first time one summer semester when I had a bunch of “extra money” (student loans) kicking around and I was spending it on anything I could find (mostly food).  This is one of the few things I bought that I didn’t immediately regret (I literally still have clothes hanging in my closet with the tags still on). I was reluctant to veer from my tried and true drugstore buy, but this stuff is amazing. It is a little more lightweight than the Revlon foundation, and I find that it blends in easier with your fingers than with a brush or sponge. Wear it in the summer with some bronzer (below) and no one will even suspect you’re wearing makeup.

NARS Blush Orgasm

Let’s be real for a second. This product is embarrassing to talk about in public, or to request at a beauty store. Pro-tip: zero in on the NARS counter or shelves and find it in the blushes (you’re welcome).  It is a universally flattering pink that tends to look best applied right on the apples of your cheek, swept slightly upwards. I have tried the whole nose-bridge-application thing with this blush and it makes me look like Rudolph, but hey—try it if that’s your thing.  One of these palettes alone lasts me well over a year (I’m on year 3 with my current blush–maybe time to throw it out) and I wear it daily. I recommend this blush to all of my friends and even a couple strangers and have never gotten a negative review.

NARS Bronzer Laguna

You can probably tell I am a little bit of a NARS enthusiast; it was hard for me to cull my favourite NARS products down to two as to not overtake this section. Laguna is a mid-toned bronzer that manages to pull off what few bronzers can (and I have used dozens) and that is make you look tanned—not oompa-loompa orange, but golden, sun drenched tan. I also use it to lightly contour my face when I’m in a rush (under the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose, under the jaw and the edge of the forehead) and it makes me look at least 80% better.

MAC lipstick: On Hold, Media

On Hold is my daytime red lipstick. It’s a mix between pink/coral/and red and manages to go on fairly effortlessly (who has time to line when you’re on the go) and hasn’t gotten me any weird looks when I wear it into the office.  It goes on smoothly with a slight sheen, and has serious long term potential without drying out your lips.

Rebel is what I want to wear when I’m trying to go for some serious drama (a la Rihanna or Queen Bey). Since it’s not as easy to wear as On Hold, keep the rest of your makeup simple if you opt for this gothic-raspberry hue. Trust me, it commands attention.  The colour is very vampy and definitely requires a bit of a prime & line.  I have large lips and I don’t find that it is overwhelming at all if applied correctly and neatly.
What are your favourite beauty rebuys?
Feature image sourced on Pinterest.

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