Moksha, Eh?


There is no denying that yoga is one of the hottest fitness trends going right now.These days it seems like anyone can toss their hair into a bun (yes boys, some of you too), put on some Lulu’s and sling a yoga mat over their shoulder (and be considered as stylish as the couple down the street wearing Louboutins and Hugo Boss). Amidst this growing trend, a Canadian-based branch of yoga came out of nowhere and is literally sweeping the nation. I would like to introduce you to Moksha Yoga, although something tells me that you may already be acquainted (there are now over 75 locations across North America).

Moksha Yoga was co-founded in 2002 by Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson—two Canadian yogis who were on a quest to create the ultimate yoga series centered on health, inner peace and community. The warrior that is Moksha Yoga was born, and has conquered the fitness scene ever since. Moksha Yoga consists of several types of classes, varying in length and difficulty, all of which are practiced in a hot room that is designed to detoxify the body and calm the mind. Along with the yoga series itself, Ted and Jessica also developed a set of ideas and philosophies for the Moksha Community to live by:

The Seven Pillars of Moksha Yoga
Be Healthy
Be Accessible
Live Green
Sangha (community) Support
Reach Out
Live to Learn
Be Peace

So, why Moksha? Unlike some other branches of yoga that focus on a strict form of discipline, routine and consistency, Moksha Yoga promotes individual expression and encourages students and teachers alike to experiment with their body and mind. Whether that means reaching your full expression of Dancer’s Pose, holding your Dolphin Plank a bit longer or simply lying on your back in Savasana (Corpse Pose), Moksha will guide and support you throughout your practice. Don’t let the hot room intimidate you, I promise it isn’t as scary as it sounds! There is no better way to get your sweat on and stretch your muscles to places you’ve never reached before than in the hot room. Not to mention how rejuvenated your skin will feel afterward—that fresh faced glow will last the whole day. Feeling dizzy or light-headed? Lie down and focus on your breathing for the rest of the class; there are days when even the most advanced students and teachers will opt for the latter. The Moksha environment is completely judgment free, yet another reason I love it so much.

Having had the opportunity to visit 4 Moksha studios across 4 provinces, I can affirm that there is no better place to find peace, gratitude and straight-up wonderful people than at your local studio. The unrivaled quality and variety of teachers will challenge you both mentally and physically to be the best version of yourself. The next time you’re having a rough day, need to relieve some stress or are looking to shake up your workout routine, I encourage you to find the closest Moksha studio. I can guarantee that after 60 minutes in that hot room, you’ll be thanking yourself.


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